Diabetic foot care

It is estimated there are 177 million people with diabetes in the world and according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) over 2 million diabetic people are in the UK with over 750,000 people undiagnosed.
People with diabetes are at increased risk of losing sensation in their feet (neuropathy), reduced circulation, (ischaemia) and are prone to frequent and often severe foot problems with a relatively high risk of infection. Damage to the nerves of the foot can mean that cuts and small nicks are not noticed and can lead to a foot ulcer.

The main role of diabetic foot care is to educate patients, including the importance of routine preventative foot specialist care and correct footwear.


Don't expose your feet to extremes of hot or cold


Make sure you wear shoes and socks that are not too tight


Check your feet daily for corns, callus and ingrowing toenails


Wash your feet every day with ordinary soap and water


Dry your feet carefully especially between the toes


Use a moisturising cream if your feet are dry but never between your toes


Always wear footwear - even at home.

Suzette will look after the ongoing maintenance and inspection of your feet with careful nail trimming, treating any disorders where necessary, and giving appropriate advice.

* Extract taken from Diabetes UK

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