Lymphoedema foot care

Skincare is an important aspect of managing Lymphoedema. For people with, or at risk of developing Lymphoedema, part of the day-to-day care of your limb should include observation of your skin.

Just beneath the surface of our skin is a vast network of superficial lymphatic vessels. These vessels help to clear away any substance that is placed in or on the skin, such as proteins conveying infection or allergies.


With Lymphoedema, these superficial lymphatics are less able to clear these substances away, which may increase the risk of developing an infection (cellulitis). This in turn can lead to an increase in swelling and further infection. 

*Extract taken from the LSN skincare leaflet

Guidelines for people who suffer with lower extremity Lymphoedema are as follows:

Observe your skin for redness, scratches, abrasions or cuts


Wash your feet with non perfumed soap ensuring you dry in between your toes


Ensure you moisturise your swollen limb each night with an appropriate emollient.


Fungal infections are common in Lymphoedema patients. Ensure you visit your GP or Foot Health Practitioner for treatment


Ensure your toe nails are cut straight across

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